We love working on wine farms. It is in our DNA as a company. Why? Because we started our company in Cape Town , a small stone’s throw from the Cape Winelands. Our early adopters in wine should be credited with providing us some invaluable input and boosting our learning.


Impacts on the wine industry has been in the following areas:


  • Demonstrated to suppliers the value of listening and responding to anonymous worker feedback
  • Cultivated interest amongst wine importers in the insights gained by suppliers and other intermediaries and,
  • t how these can be used to provide support and training where needed.
  • Interest from cooperatives with 30+ supplier farms with small workforces, who value the ability to get regular updates and measure progress over time.


Together with our partners in wine, we have learnt about:

  • The crucial nature of the first conversation with suppliers or wine business owners. Clearly outlining the commercial benefits and added value of anonymous feedback is key here.
  • How motivated and generous workers can be when they have the opportunity to participate.
  • Needing to ensure that technology drives an easy un-intimidating user-experience for the workers answering our calls.
  • The value of given feedback to workers after each call cycle and how this increase response rates.