We have learnt that the largest brands can be the most excited when it comes to receiving very simple easy to integrate diagnostics. What do we mean by diagnostics? Our dashboards reflect multiple suppliers and show buyers at a glance which suppliers and geographies require support with which issues.

What difference has our work had?

For one global beverage brand, we provided results directly to a regional office which work with us  due to the clarity of our insights, and the support received. On the back of this work, we are now working with other sides of their global business to enable better feedback and data. This is used to inform their inform programming and responsible sourcing structure.

For another global FMCG brand, we worked closely with a regional manager who enabled us to establish strong working relationships with suppliers in China. This brand also spontaneously recommended us to their peers in the industry. They became our champions in China because they  directly experienced our system’s benefits for their business.

What did we learn from these global giants and their pursuit of  stronger systems that support responsible sourcing?

  • Our beverage client taught us to simplify our induction for suppliers.
  • The above-mentioned FMCG client taught us to focus on integrating our results into existing supplier assessment systems – a project which remains core to what we do (integration with audit and supplier assessment systems).

One supplier said that our system was…

“A really helpful experience to work with you in 2017 for plant improvement, much impressed by your easy-taking procedure and efficient process management.”