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    We enable you to hear about workers' working conditions directly from workers themselves.


We have simple cost effective diagnostic tools which use workers’ mobile phones to track and encourage improvement in labour practices along the supply chain. These tools offer real time results and can also be used to support particular suppliers, and offer you an early warning system when used across your supply base.

Our Tools

Monitor working conditions through automated mobile calls direct to your workers. Suppliers and retailers can access user-friendly analytics.  

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Gather feedback from workers to enhance business performance and worker retention.

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Enjoy an always active open communication channel with your workforce.

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Examples of our Work
Enabling Suppliers And Retailers To Understand Working Conditions

We work with producers, retailers and workers’ associations in wine, pome and stone fruit, poultry and fishing to check in… Read More

Listening To Workers In The Fishing Industry

We worked with one of the largest fishing corporates in South Africa eager to better understand the perceptions and priorities… Read More

Everyday Lives And The Risk Of Fire In Khayelitsha, Cape Town

In an informal settlement called UT Gardens in Khayelitsha, Cape Town we rolled out both Toooday (albeit using an app… Read More

Child Led Data Collection (CLDC) In Mena Region

We found ourselves again in a setting where participation wasn’t a priority. The MENA Region during the Arab Spring did… Read More

Participation And Teenagers In Rural Bosnia-Herzegovina

In a setting unfamiliar with participatory approaches, it wasn’t easy to insist that listening to teenagers could progress reconciliation. We… Read More

Our Team
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