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    We enable workers to tell you about their working lives


We use research to enable direct reporting from workers and householders and better understanding of working conditions and everyday lives for suppliers, producers, retailers, ethical trade associations and others.

Our Tools

Rating tool enabling workers to quickly and easily report on working conditions anonymously. Produces user-friendly analytics for suppliers and retailers to understand working conditions at a glance.  

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Rating tools cannot help with improving communication and building a collaboration with workers. But our BeyondToooday workshop tool and support can.

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Get monitoring and communication right is good progress but not enough. Tooomoro combines our rating tool and workshop tool to create a simple feedback loop that ensures listening is always validated by action or change.

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Examples of our Work
Enabling Suppliers And Retailers To Understand Working Conditions

We work with producers, retailers and workers’ associations in wine, pome and stone fruit, poultry and fishing to check in… Read More

Listening To Workers In The Fishing Industry

We worked with one of the largest fishing corporates in South Africa eager to better understand the perceptions and priorities… Read More

Everyday Lives And The Risk Of Fire In Khayelitsha, Cape Town

In an informal settlement called UT Gardens in Khayelitsha, Cape Town we rolled out both Toooday (albeit using an app… Read More

Child Led Data Collection (CLDC) In Mena Region

We found ourselves again in a setting where participation wasn’t a priority. The MENA Region during the Arab Spring did… Read More

Participation And Teenagers In Rural Bosnia-Herzegovina

In a setting unfamiliar with participatory approaches, it wasn’t easy to insist that listening to teenagers could progress reconciliation. We… Read More

Our Team
Lea Esterhuizen

Founder and social research methodologist, Lea designs research. Her background in designing methods to optimise participation and gather data on sensitive subjects helps to explain why we do what we do. Lea has worked in academia and in international development and has now turned her attention to enabling companies to engage in positive change through bigger and better data (hence the company name &Wider).

Siphiwo Ngcipe

Wushu champion and talented facilitator and translator, Siphiwo works with BeyondToooday and Tooomoro activities given his gift for managing group dynamics and inspiring collaboration.

Thami Baba

She is a trained actress and talented facilitator. Thami works on face to face engagement activities with workers. She also translates all our materials into Xhosa, and does UX work on tools and documentation.

Annie Hanekom

Annie is a training professional, project manager-supremo, and a talented writer and editor. She knows all about identifying users’ needs and preferences. Annie ensures that we provide more than tools. She invests her time in making sure the tools are user-friendly, and that those who receive the tools are given all the support they need to use them effectively.