• Connecting You to Your Supply Chain

    Giving you tools to engage directly with workers along your entire supply chain.

  • Direct Worker Reporting

    Engage with the entire workforce and continuously improve working conditions across the supply chain

What We Do

We have simple cost effective diagnostic tools which use workers’ mobile phones to track and encourage improvement in labour practices along the supply chain. These tools offer real time results and can also be used to support particular suppliers, and offer you an early warning system when used across your supply base.

Our Tools

Monitor working conditions through automated mobile calls direct to your workers. Suppliers and retailers can access user-friendly analytics.  

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Gather feedback from workers to enhance business performance and worker retention.

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Enjoy an always active open communication channel with your workforce.

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Our Team
Lea Esterhuizen

Lea founded &Wider in 2014 to help  bridge the significant data gap on working conditions in global supply chains. Lea has worked for more than 20 years as a social research methodologist, specialised in gathering sensitive data. She designed systems to gather data on genocide, forced migration, violence against and affecting children, modern slavery and working conditions. She is passionate about systems that offer scalable actionable insights  which focus on continuous improvement. She named the company &Wider to signal our openness to collaborate and our global need for a wider vantage point when it comes to workers worldwide.

Greta Matos

Greta’s handles Business Development, Research and Development at &Wider, and is responsible for building value-based relationships within the Americas. Her dynamic background weaves together a unique skill set and perspective that combines international, on-the ground field experience with strategic, senior-level management consulting. She specializes in developing and improving corporate programs and certification schemes that explore, evaluate and embed responsible and ethical business practices- in a manner that ensures programs and systems are built to drive transparency, scale efficiency and impact, while remaining agile and responsive.

Emily Vining

Emily manages implementation and impact at &Wider. She has eight years of experience in community engagement across sectors such as community wellness and social enterprise development with a focus on technology. Emily works closely with suppliers to make direct worker reporting an enjoyable experience for all participating, one that will improve communication and working conditions across global supply chains.

Sesihle Manzini

Sesihle has been actively involved in the user journey of many of &Wider’s stakeholders. She creates and manages the training materials &Wider produces for brands, auditors and suppliers, packaging what &Wider does in a clear palatable story for our stakeholders. Her creativity and problem solving has helped &Wider to create compelling stories about Direct Worker Reporting to create an easier User Experience for all &Wider’s stakeholders.

Meike van Vlerken

Meike leads the operations for &Wider. She manages all the financial reporting, HR, legal affairs for the business and also designs, finds and implements actionable systems to professionalise what we do and enable scaling, where needed. With a degree in Economics and Business, having focused on Behavioural Economics, she has a deep understanding of both business strategy and data science, which is rare